Protect Texas Farmland

Currently, eight states in the country have laws forbidding foreign nations from buying American farmlands. Texas needs to join this list and be the 9th. We need to stand up for Texas and have the Texas Department of Agriculture propose laws keeping Texas agriculture in the hands of Americans, not foreign countries like China.

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Secure the Border

The southern border is entirely out of control. President Trump had the southern border completely under control by making it a priority in his administration. During his time, we saw an 87% decrease in illegal crossings. Under the current administration, illegal immigration is at an all-time high, and they don’t care how Texas farmers, ranchers, and citizens are being affected by it. It’s time the Texas Department of Agriculture puts pressure on the governor’s office and the state legislature to finish that wall!

Priority Marketing of Texas Commodities

Texans should prioritize Texas agriculture. Priority marketing of our state’s commodities can be an important economic force that helps to grow the Lone Star State‚Äôs economy and promote growth in regions where producers have traditionally lived/worked closely with their families for generations.

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Protecting Water Rights

The state of Texas is predicted to have a severe water shortage crisis very soon. Most estimates say a 15% decrease in overall water for the Texas Agricultural sector will be in the next 5-10 years. Texas Farmers and Ranchers need to be protected from this and protect their water rights from over development and government seizure.

Control Inflationary Spending

Federal spending is out of control, and these issues need to be addressed nationally and locally. The states require to rely on Washington’s spending and tell them enough is enough. Too many farmers and ranchers across Texas are tired of being taxed to death to pay for wasteful spending habits by the state and federal government. Out of control, national debt and inflation are causing prices to rise, hurting all of us. We need to lower property taxes and protect agricultural consumer habits.

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